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Seamless Global Path

There is nothing more important to us, than growing your business globally

No matter whether you are a growing Start-up or a Large Enterprise online retailer, XTREM GLOBAL is here to help you achieve your Global eCommerce goals. Whether your strategy is to expand your sales through one site or several cross-border country-specific sites, we will help you develop a conversion-optimized and localized seamless global shopping path for your international customers.

Global eCommerce business involves many challenges at different maturity levels. What is your biggest challenge?


Conversion Rate From
International Traffic

On average, 22% of the website traffic is international, but often sales’ share is between 5% and 10%.

International Customer

Sales may remain low if consumers don’t feel comfortable shopping or if the proper customers aren’t targeted.

International Shipping
And Returns

Expensive deliveries and a complicated return process is the main reasons for consumers to reject the shopping cart.

and we are here to solve them

Global eCommerce Accelerator is the most

Comprehensive Cross-Border Solution


Global eCommerce Accelerator is a scalable End-To-End solution that deals with all the challenges that retailers face in cross-border sales. Website localization and optimization for global consumers, as well as Global logistics management.




Global eCommerce Accelerator®

Our global cross-border sales solution, Global eCommerce Accelerator, will help you target consumers in more than 230 countries and territories, in an optimized way, with Xtrem Global handling every aspect of the global eCommerce.



Marketplace solutions

The marketplaces’ share of global B2C online sales is significant. Whether you are a brand or a retailer, we can help you find the right sales channels for your products and optimize your marketplace operations to generate results.



Country-Specific Direct-to-Consumer sites

When you want to take your business to the local level, it is a significant investment. A mere translation is not enough to convince consumers, additionally, you have to take care of local taxes, payments and deliveries. We will help you optimize your site localization and manage operations at the local level, and develop your business with the help of best practice models and data.



We Are Hiring!

Need help with starting or increasing international sales?

We believe that you will encounter other problems than those that can be solved by platform or technology. That is why we provide full strategic support for your international growth.

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